Gary Strike is passionate about; National Unity, promoting the Canadian Flag, the country, and helping as many people as possible. 

In 1991 he was watching a story about an old sail boat that a group of people were trying to restore. The boat was the original sailboat named Canada. Strike was immediately inspired by the story and because we were in the height of National Unity, came up with the idea to rebuild the boat as a symbol of rebuilding the country," Rebuilding the Dream Called Canada". He managed to get all kinds of media coverage, newspaper and national TV coverage on all the networks. He put together a group that produced a song called; Rebuilding the Dream Called Canada. The group of singers were invited to start the evening performance on Parliament Hill on Canada Day in 1993.

On July 1st. 1992, Strike co-ordinated a project called; "Hands Across Canada", where people came together at the borders of the Provinces, joined hands, signed long white ribbons with red ink as a symbol of National Unity. He played a key role in National Unity in keeping this great country together. 

In 2004, he came up with the idea of creating a truly Canadian Unity Signature Flag by starting with a white flag with the outline of the maple leaf and two bars drawn in in red. People were invited to write or print their names inside the maple leaf and two bars with a red Sharpie. The first year, 7 schools participated creating 7 flags, raising money for the local Food Bank. He went on to produce a dozen flags that were sent to Afghanistan in support of our troops. Some were presented by the former Ministers of Defense, Gordon O'Connor and the Hon. Peter MacKay. Strike created a flag on Parliament Hill on Red Friday and the National Day of Honor, later presenting it to General Tom Lawson, the head of the military. In 2010, six flags were created across the country on Canada Day and Strike presented them to fire stations in New York on the 10th. Anniversary of 9 /11 as Canada's Tribute.

Strike has since created a number of flags in grocery stores raising money for the local hospital, Food Bank and Salvation Army. His goal is to have the Salvation Army or a National Charity, take on the project, partner with one or more corporations and raise millions
  for the needy of our country. 

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Photo credit: John Graydon  

Gary Strike  -  Mr. Canada